Toast served with Preserves

A choice of cereal


Snacks available daily from 8.30am – 2pm

A selection of fresh yogurts  – 0.60c

A selection of yogurt drinks – 0.70c

A selection of fresh fruit – 0.40c – Bananas, Apples, Oranges etc

A selection of healthy option bars – 0.80c e.g. Nature Valley Granola Bars, Kellog’s Elevenses Bars

Lunch Menu:

Fresh cut sandwich’s with a choice of one filling E1

Fresh cut sandwich’s with a choice of 2 fillings E1.30

Sandwich Options:

Baked Ham, Baked Ham and Coleslaw, Baked Ham and Fresh Salad, Baked Ham and Cheddar Cheese, Tuna Mayonnaise and Cheese, Roast Chicken, Roast Chicken and Salad


Wraps with 2 fillings E1.60

Wraps with 3 fillings E1.80

Wraps with 4 or more fillings E2

Wrap Options:

Roast Chicken Stuffing and Mayonnaise, Fresh Tuna Salad and Grtaed Cheese, Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap, Grated Red and White Cheddar with Fresh Salad, Cajun Chicken or Chicken Tikka Wrap.

A Daily Special Ciabatta, Bagel or Baguette E2 – E2.50 – depending on filling.

Homemade Fresh Soups: Available during the Winter Months

Soup 0.60c a Cup

A choice of two of the following soups will be made available from the following options:

Vegetable, Mushroom, Chicken, Minestrone, Tomato and Roast Pepper, Potato and Leek, Tomato and Basil

Drinks: A Selection of Healthy Option Drinks

Still Water E1

Still Flavoured Water E1.10

Capri Sun Orange 0.80c

Capri Sun Blackcurrant 0.80c

Fruit Shoots 0.99c

Sparkling Water E1

Tea 0.50c