Patricia Mc Carthy from the Marie Keating Foundation visited our school on Wednesday 4th May as part of our 3rd Annual Well Being Week.  She  spoke to our 3rd year students on Cancer Awareness. She covered several areas included under the heading ‘Your Health Your Choice’ . It was very informative and delivered in an age related interesting way . Our students were captivated. Also, the props used to  help us focus on the types of cancer were very educational . We discussed skin cancer,  units of alcohol ,  the amount of tar in the lungs after a year smoking 20 a day and what is in cigarettes.  Other topics covered were  mouth cancers from smoking , sun damage to the skin , alcohols facts  and healthy eating and how obesity affect us. We were give loads of handouts and leaflets to distribute to our students and staff. Our first years got lovely little braclets and pens . We were really impressed with the presentation . Patricia took questions and the end . She interacted with the students so well we hope she will return next term to speak to another year group.

Carmel Maguire

HSCL Coordinator

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