Good evening to 6th year students of Coláiste an Átha,

As I am sure you are all very aware, the Leaving Certificate as we know it will now not go ahead this year.

The Minister’s announcement is available at this link:…/2020-press-relea…/PR20-05-08.html

I know that this is probably not the outcome that either teachers or all students wanted, especially after the amazing efforts on everyone’s part, but this is the decision that has been made in the interests of every person’s safety and wellbeing. It has been a very challenging time as we learned to teach and learn in new ways.

I cannot stress enough how proud I am of you, our 6th year students. You have been working so hard in such challenging circumstances, to try and prepare for such an important exam in your lives, and with such uncertainty. At least you now have a definite decision as to what is going to happen.

I am very proud of your teachers also, they have had to learn how to teach you, support you, advise you and help you in such very different circumstances, all from their own homes, and with their own home situations.

At least we too now have a definite decision as to what is going to happen.

Many questions remain to be answered and many things need to be clarified, but this will all happen in due course, and we will communicate these to you, your parents and guardians, without delay when that clarification is received.

In the meantime, I hope you all have a pleasant and restful weekend.

Thank you, take care, mind yourselves and your families.

Elizabeth Martin

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