Dance Theatre Ireland recently visited the school to conduct a dance workshop with Coláiste an Átha students. The workshop consisted of three two and a half hour sessions and was open to all students. Twenty students took part in the class which was a roaring success.  The students danced to the music of Michael Jacksons ‘Beat It’. They learned an entire dance routine over the course of the short workshop that incorporated their dance instructor’s moves and even some of their own choreography.  They also learned the background of this famous song.  Did you know that this song is anti-violence? Michael Jackson tells young rival gangs through song not to use violence to fight but to battle each other through the art form of dance.  The students acted out this scenario for all first years and their teachers in the gym.  We were even treated to some solo acts by Darragh Hammel and Jordan Goff-Masterson.   All students gave 100% to their performance to claps and shouts of ‘encore’ before performing for the group again. We all look forward to the companies return next year.

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