On October 2nd one of the last Holocaust survivors, Tomi Reichental, came to our school to share his experiences of living in Nazi occupied Slovakia during the World War II and surviving the horrifying conditions of the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen. He told us of the years that he spent hiding from the SS and other Nazi militant groups that were tasked with tracking down the remaining Jewish population in Slovakia. He also told us of the ways that he hid from these groups; such as hiding in the basements and attics of friends and neighbours during the night, and hiding in the forests and fields during the day. He told us that he and his family used fake identification such as citizenship papers and passports to hide from the Nazi militant groups and attend school once again for the first time in years. He told us of how he and his family were captured by the Gestapo and described both the conditions he suffered during the journey to Bergen-Belsen and the conditions he suffered in Bergen-Belsen. If you would like to find out more about Tomi and the horrors he experienced during the Nazi occupation of Slovakia and his time in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, please feel free to purchase his book “I WAS A BOY IN BELSEN” at

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