Notice to Parents, Guardians and Students aged 18 years and over, on how the personal data of students enrolled at this post primary school as at 30th September, is returned to the Department of Education and Skills, to primarily secure teaching posts and core funding; and how these data are processed fairly and in compliance with the Data Protection Acts 1988 to 2003.


For the Department of Education and Skills to be able to allocate teaching staff and core funding to this post primary school to meet your child’s educational needs, the Department must collect individual and personal data on each student enrolled in each recognised post primary school, at 30th September each year.

 This notice sets out the details of the personal data being collected, its purpose, what other bodies these data are shared with and why; how the Department securely stores these data and the Department’s retention of these data.

 Purposes of Collecting Individual Student Data

Teaching posts and core funding are allocated to post primary schools by the Department of Education and Skills each year, based on the number of recognised students enrolled in each post primary school, as at 30th September in the previous year.

 The Department has detailed in The Rules and Programme for Secondary Schools the criteria for a recognised student in post primary schools. While the full set of rules is available on the Department’s website,, examples include:

  • a student meeting the minimum age requirement for their course and that they are following an approved course, e.g. Junior Certificate, and

  • given Irish is a compulsory subject for all post primary students, those students not studying Irish must have been granted an exemption from Irish by the school authorities, in accordance with criteria for granting such exemptions.

 Hence for each post primary school to have the appropriate levels of teaching posts and core funding to meet your child’s educational needs, each post primary school is required to transfer individualised date on each student enrolled in our school to the Department, as part of what is commonly referred to as the school’s October Return. Much of these data the school would have to assist its management of the school, but some data schools collect specifically for the purpose of making this return.

 Consent Form for Sensitive Personal Data for the School’s October Return to the Department of Education and Skills

 Certain sensitive personal data which the Department asks post-primary schools to furnish via the “Annual Post-Primary School October Return/Examination Entries” process requires your written consent for your child’s school to record this information and for the school to forward this information to the Department for purposes as outlined in circular 0047/2010 a copy which is available at or on request from your child’s school.

 Please note that the reference to “you” in this consent form means a parent or a guardian of a student, or a student aged 18 years and over who is attending a recognised post-primary school.

 Please enter the following details in BLOCK CAPITALS


 Name of Parent/Guardian:        __________________________________________________

 Name of Student:                       __________________________________________________

 Class and year of student:          __________________________________________________


1.         Where your child is currently in 1st Year do you or your child possess a medical card? (please CIRCLE the appropriate answer)


            YES                                                                                                                 NO


2.         Is your child a member of the Traveller Community *? (please CIRCLE  the appropriate answer)


YES                                                                                                                 NO     

* “Traveller Community” means the community of people who are commonly called Travellers and who are identified (both by themselves and others) as people with a shared history, culture and traditions including, historically, a nomadic way of life on the island of Ireland. Section 2(1) of the Equal Status Act, 2000


Signed:_______________________________Parent/Guardian       Date: _________________


Please complete this form and return to your post-primary school.  This form will be retained by the post-primary school and will be made available for inspection by authorised officers of the Department or from the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner.