A huge to Thank you to Stephen Murray for running a JCSP Poetry Workshop for our talented 1st Years this week.

Check out the students’ work on http://inspireland.ie/colaiste-an-atha-kilmuckridge-wexford

Our students will attend the Poetry Exhibition in Dublin in May.

Well Done to everyone involved.

Check out Peter Donovan’s (1c) work below. The theme of the workshop was the environment and global warming.


DSCF2204Now I know its tiring

Bout hearing bout the envirment

If u don’t like it then

Cover your ears and go to china then

See peoples littering the streets

With bags of sweats

And also treats

People to busy sending da tweats

Than to care about this sh*t

See that’s why im doing this rap so u can hear about sh*t

Don’t u know that u can get a fine

But u don’t really get the sign

See theres a thing called rubbish

People think dat they can just dump it

Any time and anywhere

And dats not fair

Dats why I trying make you be aware

And also not to mention the smoke in the air

So there

I put it to u straight

This rap I just had to create

Don’t dump in the lakes

Putting down tarnamac

Could harm the grass

And even pass a gas


Smoking having a blast

But smoking nicotine having the craic

Really destroys the earth and the atmosphere

So this rap u had to hear

So take care of the planat

Don’t get a ciggerate but and slam it

And ram it

Into the ground

People dat take care of the earth is sound

So don’t need to cause distribution

We can stop the pollution

But I have a soulotion

Go and clean the roads an hour a day

It will keep the fines away

And make it a better place

So no dumping in the lakes

If u don’t follow the instruction your putting fishes at stake

So instead of using fuel

Cycle or walk to school

Even global warming

When u have ur coffe in the morning

And u trow the cup out of the window

Could u put it in the bin, no.



Peter Donovan

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