11122_934400333267102_392521745617765607_nOn the 28th march 2015, 29 of Coláiste an Átha students and 3 of the teachers left Kilmuckridge at 2:30 am. The bus journey up was very quiet all the way to Dublin as there were some very tired people on the bus until we got close to the airport and the excitement started to kick in. When we got to the airport we went to the boarding gate where we waited for our plane to arrive. We got on the plane and got ready to fly off for what was going to be the most unforgettable 5 days of our lives.

We landed in the airport in Italy and we headed towards our bus that was going to show us some of the best landscapes for the 5 days we were in Italy. We went on a 2 hour trip to the town of Perschierra where we went to get lunch and we stretched our legs and soaked up some of Italy’s finest foods and ice creams. We then went on the bus for another half an hour where we came to the lovely town of Bardolino where we soaked up the surrounding coastal areas and relaxed by the water. We then departed from Bardolino and travelled onto the hotel. We then arrived at the hotel and had a relaxing evening.

We had an early morning on Sunday as we went for breakfast at 8 and then headed off for a fun filled day. Our day started of going up a mountain in Macalienes in a cable car. This was a brilliant experience for people who had always been afraid of heights. We spent a few hours up on the mountain where we had snowball fights while also soaking up the Italian sun! We then headed for Garda where we spent the afternoon and then got a boat trip to Sirmione, where we spent some more time shopping and looking over the lovely view of Italy. We headed back for the hotel and had our dinner. We spent our night coming and going from different rooms interacting with new people we then went to bed at our curfew at 11.

We had another early morning on the Monday where we left the hotel to go to Venice. We took a water taxi to Venice. We then arrived in St. Mark’s square. We had our lunch and had a guided tour of Venice. We then spent the remainder of the afternoon relaxing. We then took a water taxi back to the coach. We went back to the hotel and enjoyed another fun filled evening.

We then got up Tuesday morning and headed to Gardaland, where excitement got the better of us. We had a full day here from 10-6. There were people that went to the theme park that never thought they would get on anything and got on nearly everything. We were going around the park on a high. We left the theme park and headed back to the hotel where everyone was still on a high.

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