Leaving Certificate Applied is a course we do here in Colaiste an Atha.  This course is like the traditional Leaving Cert but it’s more practical.  L.C.A is all to do with building up marks to your Leaving Cert and helping you reach your goals for your future.  In L.C.A you do several thing to build up your marks you do Key Assignments which are Assignments done in class, they are the same as class work but you get marks on your Leaving Cert for it. 

We also do tasks/ projects.  In these tasks you’re given roughly 10 headings you have to fill out information under the headings. You get 10 marks maximum for each task you do and you get 1 or 2 marks for each class.  You are also put through interviews after every task.  These interviews help prepare you for a real interview for a job and to also see if you know the information on what you did or if you just copied and pasted. 

There  are  4 sessions in L.C.A there’s session 1 which is from September until January, Session 2 is from January until May then session 3 starts again in September until January and Session 4 is from January until May. 

L.C.A is not like everyone thinks it is.  People think that it’s a course that ye do no work and just relax in the whole time but it’s really not in L.C.A you rarely get a break from work because everything has to be done or you will get no marks in your Leaving Cert.  L.C.A is actually quite hard because it’s constant work but it’s like normal leaving cert if you do your work properly and not too fast you will have time to relax at the end of all the hard work.  You also get no homework in L.C.A because all your work is done in school there is rarely work you have to do at home. 

As someone who is currently doing L.C.A  I would highly recommend this course for people who have trouble with learning off poems or writing 4 page essays, people who find they get in trouble a lot for not doing homework and for people who would rather do projects and task work.

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