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On the 28th of November the first years of Colaiste an Atha along with their teachers and Meitheail leaders went on a meitheail trip to Kippure estate.

When we reached Kippure estate we went straight into a house and we were told the activities that were planned for the day and we were told all of  the rules. We then went outside and were divided into groups and each group was given a map. Three people were assigned from every group to go find food that was hidden somewhere in the woods. They had to find it using the map.

The remainder of people in the groups had to build a shelter that would have to be waterproof and windproof and it had to fit all of the group in it. Everyone from each group debated with each other about how it would look and finally started to build the shelter.

When the people with the food came back three people from each group were assigned to make the food. While they were preparing the food the others were learning how to light a fire in the woods. Once the fire was lit every group started to cook their food. When the food was cooked the groups had to plate up the food because there was a competition to see which group was the best.

The people over us and Ms.O’Leary tasted the food and every group had to entertain them and show that all of their group could fit into the shelter. Once every group presented their camp we walked back to the house and got changed. We were told that the winners of the competition was group six. We then left and headed for Tallaght.

Once we arrived in Tallaght we all went our separate ways and got some food to eat before we began shopping. We all went shopping and browsed around in the shops. We all met back at the cinema at half three and left Tallght at around quarter to four.

Overall the whole day was brilliant we all felt like we were on I’m a celebrity get me out of here! We all hope to go again sometime in the future.

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