My name is Andrew Greenslade and I’m in Leaving Certificate Applied or in other words LCA II. Firstly I think having the addition of three Active Leisure classes has greatly improved the overall mood of LCA, and I like this change because we can get way more done in these three classes and it also helps to have a computer class dedicated to the subject as we can get key assignments done in it. The addition of different teachers also has changed a lot of other peoples mood towards the programme.


Overall another thing that helped people was that the teachers and principal listened to our complaints on what we thought could be changed. For example we didn’t like being in the computer room for nearly the whole day and when the last year came they changed out timetables because of it. ¬†They made sure we still have some classes in the computer room but not always. Another great thing about the Leaving Certificate Applied programme is that its very hands on and gets everyone who chooses to do it ready for the working world. Like for example we have three work experience placements instead of one so we can get an idea of what we would like to pursue after school.


I also chose LCA because of the many different career paths I can choose after my time in school like a few examples of some are game design and courses on software development, etc. One example of a college I can go to is Bray college of Further Education because they focus on PLCs and after I can then go to WIT. The main reason I chose this course was because I completed a year of the traditional leaving certificate and I found it very stressful and couldn’t cope with the volume of revision and work that came along with it.

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