The reason i have chosen LCA leaving cert applied because I think I have a better chance on passing the leaving cert in 2018. I find it so much easier to concentrate better in class as I fell behind so much class work and home work last year. I can also communicate better with the teachers. I feel as there will not be as much pressure on me. I also feel as though we get included in alot more things and trips with other pupils. Meeting and talking to new people gives me a better look in to how other things are done and a better understanding on what to expect in the long run in my career.

As I am in LCA there is not as many students in the class I feel I can get more involved in the different subjects. My favourite subject in LCA is music. Music is my favourite subject because it’s not all about work, it’s also about having fun and I get along great with the teacher. LCA might be a small class but it can pack a big punch! Since i have chosen LCA I enjoy school more and find school work so much easier. I can spend more time going out with my friends than spending two and a half hours each night doing homework. I am happy to say I made a good choice by doing LCA

Category: Transition Year