December has been busy. We went to the WIT Open Day on 9th December. This trip was excellent. We visited the PLC building and the WIT Complex which was very interesting.

The class has also been practising for coaching qualification in PE as our exams are coming up. We took a trip to the Waterfront Leisure Centre and Pool in Enniscorthy. We participated in a Kickboxing class and then we had a choice of going swimming or a visit to the gym upstairs. The whole class really enjoyed this trip and felt it was really worthwhile.

The whole class took part in the school talent show ‘Viva il Talento’. We did a sketch called Roll Call. The actors were me, Aaron Ennis, Aaron Farrell, Edward Burke, Conor Barnes, Chloe Larkin and Michelle Sutton. In the sketch we all played ourselves except Michelle who played Ms McGonigle. The talent show was great fun and I really enjoyed it. So did the rest of the class.

The class also completed  our Enterprise Task this month which was a movie afternoon for the first years. We took them out of their last 3 classes and showed them a movie. The movie they picked was Cool Runnings. We also provided them with sweets, popcorn and a drink. At the end of it we tidied up and split the profits. We all made €10:70.

So overall it was a good month and hopefully next month will be even better.

Aaron Nobbs


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