Hi my name is Adam Wynne  and I am attend  Coláiste Átha. I am a Transition Year student. On Tuesday 13th of September we set ofF for Punchestown Racecourse for the TY Expo. It was a 2 hour journey. We travelled by bus and when we got there we were really tired from the journey. We had a break while we are waiting for the building with the stalls to open. We went in and there was about 50 stalls. Every stall had a unique topic to show and every one of them was so interesting that I spent about 10 minutes at each one. There was four stalls that I think were the best out of them all.
The first one was Delphi Resort. The TY class can go there on a trip. Delphi resort has many activities available Kayacking, Canoeing, Abseiling, Climbing, Zip n Trek, Archery, Bush-craft survival, Surfing, Raft building, Orienteering, High ropes and much more. It’s located on the Galway/Mayo border, halfway between Louisburgh and Leenane. When visitors visit they are continually awed by the scenery of Delphi Valley.
 The second thing I liked was the Scifest. It’s where everyone that is interested in science is allowed come and take part in it and make something fantastic. I think the Scifest is a fantastic initiative. It encourages independent learning and gives students of all abilities an opportunity to explore and present and area of science that they are interested in.
 The third one is a app competition. Apps4Gaps is an international competition aimed at  encouraging people to create applications using freely available open data. These apps can benefit society in areas such as transport, housing, planning, education, communication and health. The competition process will encourage participants to work as a team, utilise the opportunities presented by open data, learn or increase their skills in computer science and be challenged in creating technologies such as mobile apps.
Last but not least is NABA it provides a opportunity for young women and men, and boys and girls to develop their basketballs skills to the highest level possible. NABA provides a comprehensive range of opportunities for our young people to engage with a full time professional coach who will work individually with the academy members and push their skill development to levels previously not dreamed of. I think this academy is for people that play basketball and are thinking making a career of it. I was very impressed with the north Atlantic Basketball Academy. The girl at the stall explained it very well and that I am thinking about pursuing it as a career. I am also very impressed in the Apps4Gaps competition that is encouraging people to create applications using freely open data. I am thinking about studying coding which will help with app development and that will help with this competition.  I had a very enjoyable and interesting day

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