TY Sheilbaggan Trip


On the 1st of September, the 2nd day back to school, the new 2016/2017 TY class headed out to Sheilbaggan Adventure Center to tackle obstacles and brave the rough waters out at Hook Lighthouse. It was an early start for everyone as the bus left Colaiste an Atha at 8am bound for an action packed day.

On arrival at 9:30am the sun was shining and the students were given a briefing of what would happen throughout the day. The class was divided into two groups. Before lunch the first group did cliff jumping at Hook while the second group did land activities such as Jacob’s Ladders, Archery, and some team based games. After lunch the groups were swapped.

For some, Jacobs Ladders wasn’t too much of a problem but for most people it seemed like hell. Everyone was strapped into a harness and told to give it a go! The students who were afraid of heights didn’t do so well, although Conor Doyle, Killian Doyle and Natasha Burke reached the top in a quick time. The team based activities took a lot of thought, it was essential that everyone on each team worked together. Unfortunately for the lads, the girl’s team won the majority of the tasks, as well as winning the archery. Humiliating the boy’s team completely!!

As the first group returned from cliff jumping, it was time for the second group to wrestle themselves into wetsuits and get on the bus bound for Hook.

Before heading out to the cliffs each group were given a safety briefing, a buoyancy aid and a helmet. When finished we followed our instructor’s out. The water was crystal clear but ice cold, but that didn’t stop anybody from giving it a go. The cliffs varied in height starting with the smallest at 1 meter and then gradually increasing in size from 2, 5, 6 and finally 10 meters, all of which seemed a lot higher when you took the leap. We also ventured into an open blowhole nicknamed ‘the keyhole’ because of its appearance from the air.

At the end of a great action packed day, drained from the adrenaline, everyone was ready to sleep as soon as they got back on the bus home. It was a great start to the new TY programme.


Aidan McDonnell.

Category: Transition Year