On Thursday the 19th of October, even though there was no electricity due to the storm, myself, Amy White, Jack Tyrell and Padraig Moran headed off to the county hall in Wexford to represent Comhairle na nÓg. We were collected by a bus at the school and were brought to the council offices. When we arrived we were greeted and brought to the council chambers.

At 11:00am we were sent for a break. After the break we went back to the chamber where we discussed many issues such as Mental Health and LGBT. We were put into a group with other students to discuss these topics. In this group we also filled out the nomination forms to elect the new members.

At one o’clock we had our lunch. After which we went back into the chambers and this is when we were told who this year’s members of Comhairle were going to be from the nominations. Myself and Amy were voted into this year’s Comhairle. We are both delighted to be the voices and representatives of the students of Coláiste an Átha. Myself and Amy found out that this year discussions will all be about Mental Health. All Comhairle members meet once a month to continue our debates and discussions on Mental Health. We all hope to make an impact for each young person within our school communities suffering with mental health issues.

Category: Transition Year