On the 2nd of October our Transition Year class started the first week of work experience. I started my work experience with John McDonagh in his company M.D custom electrics. I started my first day at 6am me and my dad met Roy the man I was working with for the week in the car park of the Maldron hotel. He said to me that the place we were working was in the middle of nowhere. When we arrived, it was a nice middle-sized house with an amazing view of the surrounding mountains. The man who owned the house was American we left early that day to go to Enniscorthy to do a few small jobs for the council. The first house we went to have a faulty neutral wire so there was no power going to the switch we connected another neutral and it worked. The second job was a light switch that was broken and was sparking so it became dangerous for the people who lived in the room we just replaced the switch with a new one the last job was a porch light that wasn’t working so we had to replace it the only problem was that the porch light was very old.
The second day we started we started the day by collecting martin and getting coffee and going to Crosstown Manor. We were working on a few houses up there in the first house we had to but down an earth bar and drill holes for the wires for the electric gates the second house was the exact same after tea time we started first fixing the big house in Crosstown first fixing consists of drilling holes in the rafters and pulling all the wires from all television and sockets to the fuse board. We started with first fixing the upstairs in the first house when we had to connect the wires up in the attic it was extremely tight for anyone else, so I was made go up in the hot attic in the tight spaces it was probably the hardest thing I had to do that whole week.
The third day we returned to the big house in Crosstown we had to finish the first fixing on the upstairs floor. We fished that by tea time after tea we had to start first fixing on the downstairs floor, we did this for the next two days
On the Friday I was sick as a pig but convinced myself to go work we finished up in crosstown after lunch me and Martin had to drop off Roy and go to Enniscorthy and Carlow to do a few extra jobs. The first job we did was in an old person’s house we had to put in a fan and immersion we spend up to 2 hours in a small dark room. When we finally got it done Martin wired it wrong and blow the fan so we had to go and get a new one and that was another 2 hours the second job was in house just wiring up lights and switches that was my week in work experience with John McDonagh.

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