My name is Darren. I’m in Transition Year and I took part in the B.N.Y. Mellon survey and trip to the B.N.Y. building itself.
The survey was about the expectations of future employees about their workplace and employers.
18 students, including myself, were given the results of the survey and we all did reports on the results.
We then went down with our reports to the B.N.Y. Mellon building in Wexford.
It was a great day altogether I think. We started off with getting split up into three different groups and we each got a tour of a different floor. My group got to see one of the boardrooms and another large room where there were a lot of the employee desks.
After that we all regrouped and went to a different boardroom to wait for the speakers to arrive.
The first speaker to talk to us was David Murphy who played senior football for Wexford for over a decade. It was very interesting to listen to him talk about balancing his work life and sporting career.
The second speaker that talked to us was Paul Curtis who talked to us about balancing sport, work and general life. He said that some people see their sport as their relaxation, but Paul was saying that you other relaxation times where you actually just do nothing and relax.
The third and last speaker that spoke to the group was Ian O’Reilly. Ian talked to us mainly about the importance of having a good mind-set. He spoke about the importance of not saying to yourself ‘’I can’t do it’’ but rather ‘’I can do this with a bit more work.
I think it was a great day all in all and I’m glad I took part.



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