On Thursday the 2nd of march Ms McGonigle’s TY history class went to Wells House to have a house tour and learn about the history of the house.

We left school at ten o’clock and we were to be back by lunch.  The reason we left at that time was because we where gong during the double history class we had that day.

When we got there, there was a woman named Alison who was going to show us around the house.  She let us all in to the house into the first room. She then gave us all sheets to fill out while we were going thought the house.(it was a quiz sheet).

She then took us from room to room and told us all about the house.  Alison was really nice to all of us and she really explained everything well.

We all had a really good time at wells house and we all learned about the houses past.  At the end we all got into a picture and handed up our quizes.

We got back to the school after break but we were allowed to get break before we went back to class.

My favourite part about the tour was the library because it had a lot of secret doors and it was just a nice room in general.

In conclusion I had a good time at wells house and so did my other classmates I know that the history class would love to learn more about the house.  And also it was very enjoyable and it was fun learning about the house and its past and all its secrets.

By Eli Jackson

Category: Transition Year