In TY we got the chance to participate in a makeup module that lasted two weeks, where makeup artist Joanna Dunne thought us different techniques and ways to apply makeup. She also told us about different courses and the types we could do she told us that there were courses in Wexford and Gorey that were available for us if we wanted to get qualified as a makeup artist. This really interested me as I would be a lover of makeup, so it was very helpful of the different courses to take to become a qualified makeup artist. Joanne then did a demonstration on one of the girls. She showed us how to apply eyeshadow and different ways to hold a brush she said that if you hold the brush on the end you can get a better blend of your eyeshadow. She also showed us to do our foundation how to match it to our skin colour and to apply it properly and how to find the perfect foundation for your skin type. Joanne didn’t only teach us makeup she thought us how to look after our skin and how it’s important to clean our makeup brushes and told us some different products that are good for cleaning brushes. She told us about how to use different skin care products to help our skin from getting spots she said not all the expensive products did a good job in helping your skin she found that some of the cheaper products worked better. These tips were very helpful. In the second week Joanne asked us if we wanted to do each other’s makeup which we did and brought in our own makeup to use she asked us if we wanted her to show us anything that we were unsure of doing in makeup. I did Mary Janes makeup I only did half of her face so we could break up the time to spend half an hour each other’s faces. I found this really fun as I love doing makeup as it’s a really big passion of mine and it’s something I want to make a career out of one day she said to all of us if we were interested in makeup we should all start up a Instagram page to post the makeup looks we created to look back to see how much we improved . This module was great fun and I learnt a lot from it and I think all of the girls involved benefitted from doing this module and we all learnt a lot

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