On Thursday the 23rd of March we went to Wexford Omniplex to learn about road safety. There were many speakers from loads of different jobs such as forensic investigators, firemen and County Council members.

The speakers spoke to us about the main causes of car accidents and collisions. People between sixteen and thirty cause fifty eight per cent of road collisions and males are responsible for seventy percent of the collisions.

We learned about the effects of alcohol, drugs, speed and fatigue on your driving ability. A member of the county council came to speak to us about how to stay safe when cycling and how to approach and how to overtake a cyclist or group of cyclists safely. To stay safe when cycling you need a hi-vis, a helmet, reflectors, front and rear lights and suitable footwear.

We watched a lot of videos of car crashes and people getting hit by cars. One of the GardaĆ­’s job is to tell families when someone is killed in an accident, I think this is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. We watched a video of a mother coping after her daughter died in a car crash. She talks about how she misses her daughter every day and how she copes now that she’s gone. This has had a huge impact on her life and has made things a lot more difficult for her. There were over two hundred deaths on Irish roads last year which is the highest in the last five or ten years which is sad to see.

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