My name is Erin Murphy, I am a TY student. On the 31st of August 2017, we went to Shielbaggan, Outdoor Education Centre in Wexford for our TY bonding trip. This was a no phone event. I liked this because it encouraged our year to bond with each other.

We started off in a circle throwing tennis balls while saying the name of the person we were throwing to. Our year got split into two groups : one group did the water activities first and the other group did the land activities. I was doing the land activities first. We got split into four small groups and we did challenging mind activities and we all communicated with each other. Some land activities included : a game similar to the floor is lava and being blindfolded and communicating with everyone to try and make a certain shape out of the rope we were holding.

The water activities only consisted of cliff jumping , which was a great activity and it was good fun. The purpose of this trip was for the TY year to bond with each other and expand our friend group , which is why we were not allowed our phones for this event. It definitely helped a lot of us come out of our shell and to be more confident.

This was a great experience everyone enjoyed. I would definitely go again. Overall, this was a great trip and I would definitely recommend it for the future TY students to enjoy.

Category: Transition Year