On Tuesday the 21st of March the enterprise awards were given out to each group from the schools that entered the competition, One of the schools included was our very own Coláiste an Átha with three groups representing the school. The three groups were Goods ‘n’ Stof, Bubble Cosmetics and Just a Rack. The group Just a Rack was entered in the environmental section of the competition Goods ‘N’ Stof and Bubble Cosmetics were entered in the special merit section. The competition was sponsored by BNY Mellon, PWC, EPA and C&R print. Unfortunately Just a Rack didn’t win the environmental section of the competition. For the merits Goods’N’Stof didn’t win a special merit prize but Bubble Cosmetics won a merit prize. The three groups did very well in getting into this major competition and had the chance to represent the school, and they may even be a great inspiration for the TYs next year.

Category: Transition Year