I started work experience on Monday the 23rd of October in Murphy’s garage Kilmuckridge. I started on Monday morning at around 9 o’clock.
I met my bosses John and Joe Murphy . I went around the garage looking at the tools to find out where each type of tool was so I’d be able to get them swiftly if asked. There was a good few tools I didn’t know what they were called but the majority I already knew from working outside of school and doing subjects such as metalwork and woodwork. Monday wasn’t that busy a few cars came in and the mechanics were working on them so I helped around the place doing a bit of sweeping and picking up rubbish. John introduced me to his apprentice Jason who was a past pupil at Kilmuckridge. He told Jason I’d be his apprentice for the week so I did a lot of the work with Jason.

On Tuesday it was a lot busier and there was a good few cars that needed to be serviced so I was shown how to take out an oil filter, air filter and give it an oil change. I was also shown how to take off brake pads by Jason and put them back on .
On Wednesday I ended up helping around the garage cleaning up the outside of it because we got through most of the cars in the early morning . I enjoy getting my hands dirty so I had no problem with that at all I quite enjoyed doing it actually. A campervan came in and it was a left hand drive because it was made in France so it was a bit different. The ball bearing in the wheel was broken so we had to change that on it . That was a lot harder than other things I did the days prior to it.

On Thursday I was changing tyres on cars such as a Ford Fiesta and a few Peugeot 207,s that was handy enough with the help of Jason. I had to also throw around 100 tires into a skip with the help of Joe and Jason .

On Friday I was really busy I was asked to clean the chassis underneath a jeep. After I cleaned the rust off with a wire brush I painted a layer of anti rust paint that treated the damage from the rust . I then spray painted over the whole underneath of the chassis with black paint once that anti rust paint dried . When I was finished doing that I lowered the jeep down off the lift and repaired a couple of holes on the back right and left bumper. I got fibre glass paste mixed it with hardener then put it over the holes. When that dried I got the angle grinder and shaped it to the body of the jeep . Once I finished using the angle grinder I put masking tape around the area and spray painted it grey .

I really enjoyed my week of work experience in Murphy’s garage and I was offered a job in the summer if I wanted.

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