On Friday the 3rd March a group of African drummers named Rhythm and Shakes took our music class out for the last three classes. They were made up of three women named Moe, Cathy and Catherine. They go around to schools across the country teaching students the African instruments but mostly the drums (djembes, boogeraboos and djun djuns).They also go to Africa for drumming events and they take part. They have been doing this since 2006.

They handed out drums to everyone in the class and we learned the names of each type of beat, the bass and¬†tone. They taught us some African beats and thought us how to end a song. They also played a few games. One game put a person in the middle and 3 people had an egg that they shook which made a noise, the student in the middle had to find the three eggs. We then played a game where u have to hit your drum and then the drum to your right, we slowly got faster until we couldn’t do it anymore.

Our class greatly enjoyed it as it was a unique experience and it was very interesting. We would love to do something similar again in the future.

Category: Transition Year