Go orange day was held on the 16th of March to support mental wellbeing and our students doing Cycle Against Suicide.

The event took place all day in the social area. The day consisted of a cycle-a-ton, quotes of the hour and lots more. All TY students and a selection teachers had to cycle for ten minutes. For the first seven minutes it was a race to see who could get the furthest and the remaining three minutes were a “cool down”.

Throughout the day it got very heated and competitive with the teachers and students and especially with Padraig moran who was trying to beat Mr Breen. At every hour we would say a quote. t

This was divided by myself Sarah Walsh and Aoife Walsh who also helped organise this event.

There was fruit at break to support healthy eating which was given to the students without charge.

In each classroom there was a yellow and orange flower for all our students whose families have been affected by suicide and to remind our students and teachers  that “It’s okay not to be okay and it absolutely okay to ask for help”.

The TY cycle-a-thon winners were put into teams of two at the end of the day to see which team could win.

The teams were;

Team 1

Ryan Milling

Sarah Walsh

Team 2

Padraig Moran

Moya Fortune

Unfortunately for Moya and Padraig they lost by just 0.1 kilometer. At the end of the day Sarah, Aoife and I handed out a prize to all four TY students that won and also the winning teachers.

After all I feel that we got the message across about Go Orange Day and our students doing a stage of Cycle Against Suicide and just remember,

“It’s okay not to feel okay and it’s absolutely okay to ask for help”

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