On Monday the 17th of September the TY class got to participate in a drama workshop run by Michelle Burton. Everyone was looking forward to the drama packed day ahead. When we first met Michelle we played a game to introduce ourselves, we used adjectives or nouns that had the first letter of our own name to make it easier for Michelle to remember our names. This also got our brains focusing because we had to remember everyone else’s adjective too. An example is ‘Terrific Tina’.
We did an exercise to help focus our body and mind. We did this by placing a plastic cup on our heads and walking around the room. We made it more difficult by not being allowed to hit off the extra cups placed around the floor of the room. After this game our class was spilt into two groups, one group placed their cups standing upright and the other placed their cups upside down on the floor. The aim of the game was to flip the other groups cup to the assigned position their group was given. At the end, the cups were counted and the group with the most cups won.
In our designated groups, we played a variation of rock, paper, scissors called knights, wizards and giants. As a group we decided if we would be knights, wizards or giants in hope of annihilating the other group.
After break Michelle brought in some markers and other art supplies for us to decorate masks. The masks were used to help us think of a story line which would then be captured as a still image. A still image is a photo that tells a story.
To help improve our listening skills we played a game of ‘20 questions’ where the rest of the class had to guess our given occupation by asking only yes or no questions. The whole class quickly learned that this wasn’t as easy as we had thought. Over time we learned to listen to other people’s questions to help us to ask the right questions in order to guess the right occupation.
Our last task as part of the drama workshop was to create a character by placing a plain white sock over our hands and giving it a personality of its own. We then made the character we created a Facebook profile on paper. As you can imagine some of them were hilarious.
Over all we had a fantastic day with Michelle Burton and we are all so grateful that we got the opportunity to do this.

By Kayla James

Category: Transition Year