My work experience started on the 21st of October. I chose to do my work experience in Kilmuckridge pharmacy because I really wanted to see what you actually do when you work in a pharmacy. I also wanted to see if working in a pharmacy is something I would like to have as a future career.

The day before I started my work experience in the pharmacy, I was quite nervous. I think I was nervous mainly because I had no idea what I would actually be doing. I did not know my co-workers that well before starting. The morning of my work experience my nervous had calmed down and I was ready for whatever the day had in store for me.

When I first went into the pharmacy at 9:00am on Monday the 21st I was a bit lost and unsure on what I had to do, but once I was given a job to do I was fine and I became a lot more comfortable. For my first day I like to think I got a lot accomplished, for example I learned how to work the till, I learned how to use the VISA machine and I also learned how to file an invoice.

My second day I was a lot more confident and I felt like I was actually starting to get the hang of things. My day mainly consisted of me working at the till, stocking shelf and overall keeping the pharmacy tidy. By the end of Tuesday I was really looking forward to Wednesday.

Wednesday was a bit different then the rest of the days as the woman who I had been mainly working with for the last two days had the day off, So instead of working the till that day I stayed in the back and I sorted out, expired prescriptions. Overall Wednesday was not a busy day but at least I got to see what days that are not busy are like compared to busy days.

I didn’t have work on Thursday. On Friday the 25th of October it was my last day and to be honest I was going to miss it. I had became quite close with all my co-workers and I go along quite well with all of them. My last day mainly consisted of me working behind the till as Friday’s are extremely busy for the pharmacy.  I also learned how the blister pack system works which is when the pharmacy makes up your tablets for the week rather then just giving you your boxes of tablets.

Overall I really enjoyed my work experience working in the pharmacy and I will really take in to account my experience when I am deciding on a career path within the next few years.

Some advice I would give to anyone starting their work experience would be to try and get work some where that you actually think you will enjoy because if you don’t you will more or less likely be miserable during your work experience. Another tip I would give people starting their work experience would be to try your best not to be nervous. Which I know might be hard but honesty there is no need to be nervous as you are still young and you employer knows that and just know that if you mess up that’s ok.

Overall I really enjoyed my work experience and I think at it is something at everyone should experience, as it helps you see what it is really like to have a job and it also helps you see if you would like to follow a certain career path in your future.

Category: Transition Year