On the Friday, 23rd September, I was chosen along with Kyle Nobbs to represent the school Cycle Against Suicide Ambassador Awards at the Royal Hospital in Kilmainham  .

We left at 9 in the morning and travelled with Ms. Maguire and also Mr O’Hanlon. rrived we were given refreshments, after about an hour the ceremony began. The Ombudsman for Children, Niall Muldoon began to explain to us all in more detail what his whole program was all about. We were shown a really nice video of the group of teenagers over the program while on an activity trip. After that Mr Muldoon began to call out the schools to accept their award, when Kyle and I went on the stage to accept our schools award he was very friendly.

After all the awards were received he began to speak about his aim of Cycle Against Suicide. It was so good to think about how much help this program was offering but it was also quite upsetting to think about how many people feel the need to take there own lives. After the ceremony was over myself and Kyle got a picture with Mr. Muldoon and then we went around the grounds outside the Royal Hospital. It really was such a beautiful place and also so peaceful. I really enjoyed the experience of representing the school for such a great cause and meeting new people and also learning all about Cycle Against Suicide.

Category: Transition Year