My name is Lee I am a student at Coláiste an Átha, I am in TY, last week our Irish teacher split us into groups for Seachtain na Gaeilge my group was in charge of hosting a table quiz for the second years in the school.

We started by looking up table quiz questions and then translating them into Irish. We had six rounds in the table quiz each round containing ten questions. Some of the rounds were general knowledge, music, sport, translating words into Irish and so on. 

Once we had the questions for each round made up we had to let the second years know that we were hosting this quiz so we talked to people in second year and made posters for it 

Then we had to make sure the gym would be free so we checked the time tables and the gym was empty between brew and lunch on Wednesday so that’s when we held it. We started by putting the students into groups of 5 and then working out how many tables and chairs we needed, once we knew that on Wednesday the class before lunch carried over 21 tables and 51 chairs.

Then when break was get the second years came over to the gym were we had left the    list for the teams. Everyone got into their teams and we started the quiz. Ciara and Megan were correcting the answers after each round and me and Rachel were reading out the questions. The winners of the quiz were given an Easter egg each that had been provided to us by Mr. O’Hanlon, then once the quiz was finished we put all the tables and chairs back into the class rooms.

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