On Tuesday October 28th we took a Ty Bonding day trip to Sheilbaggan as a year group. We departed from school on the bus at 8:00am on the morning and we arrived at Sheilbaggan at approximately 9:30am. It was nice to catch up with friends after the summer on the bus, but We were then split into two groups and soon began to take part in the activities they had planned for us. I personally enjoyed most of the activities during the day. After the activities, we left Sheilbaggan at about 3:45 and returned to the school.
On the day, we took part in many fun activities including Coasteering, many types of team building activities, cave exploring and rock climbing. The coasteering included jumping off cliffs, swimming in the sea and over the rocks on the coast and learning about seaweed and Barnicle’s. personally, I didn’t enjoy the Coasteering part of the day as it just wasn’t for me although, I did enjoy watching my friends take part in the Activities. We were happy to get started with the team building activities as we really enjoyed the earlier part of the day. After team building activities we climbed through caves and competed on the climbing wall which was very entertaining and fun.
What I am most proud of is that my team for team building activities got over a high wooden wall with a time of 1 minute and 23 seconds! I’m proud of this achievement because my team and I worked hard together to achieve the time we got to complete the task. We also completed another fun task where we had to get through sections of rope without touching the rope, it was funny for both teams trying to complete this task. It was enjoyable to work with my fellow classmates as a team.
I would recommend Sheilbaggan to anyone that enjoys team activities and water sports, not only that but is a great way to bond with your classmates and the employees are very kind, helpful and understanding. Also, I sometimes hear older year groups speak good things about their experience at Sheilbaggan which is also a positive thing for Sheilbaggan

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