For my week of work experience I worked in a hairdressers called Fringe Salon. It is owned by Linda Gallagher who works alone. I worked from Tuesday till Saturday. The salon was in walking distance of my house so I walked there and back each day.

I picked a hair salon because I have a interest in hairdressing as a course for the future. I have always found coloured and colouring hair really artistic and interesting. Most of the tasks I did were cleaning equipment and sterilising it, sweeping the floor after hair cuts, organising colours and taking stock of each, washing hair and drying. I learned a lot from working there for a week including how to wash hair properly and what products to use for different types of hair , why you apply foils and heat to hair while its being coloured, how to properly dry hair and how important it is to clean and sterilise equipment after use.

After my work experience was finished I realised hair dressing isn’t as interesting or as exciting as I had thought before but I do not regret doing my work experience in the hairdressers as I improved my social skills and confidence when talking to people. My favourite day was Wednesday because a client came in looking for an ombré of their natural dark brown hair to a dark blue then light. I helped Linda with picking colours to use and getting her the products she needed. It turned out really amazing and the girl loved it. Overall I enjoyed the work experience in the hairdressers.

Category: Transition Year