My is Meka Kelly Byrne. I am a Transition Year student. I took part in Arts Week on the 11th to the 14th of December. It was meant to take place on 16th to the 20th of October but due to a storm there was no power so most of it was postponed until it could be arranged again.

After the storm power was restored to the school on Friday the 20th of October so on that Friday some ukulele workshops took place and creative writing took place also. After lunch there was a concert by Seo Linn, an Irish band.There were many things going on during arts week such as a Drumming workshop, a Ukulele workshop, Circus skills and Creative writing. I took part in the creative writing and circus skills.

In the creative writing we were shown different skills you need and that it’s not that difficult to do it either. Our teacher was Mr Corcoran, he told us to make up a character and describe him or her. This was a warm up activity for our creative skills. After we made up a character and was happy with him or her we started to write a story. I enjoyed that part as I like writing stories.

The circus skills workshop was brilliant as I got to learn many different skills such as juggling, plate spinning, diabolos, stilts and the unicycle. We spent four classes on Tuesday to learn different circus skills with Will Flanagan who performs in a circus called passepartout. We spent time learning the different skills then we were told to take some time to try out all the different skills and to see which we liked the most. I loved the spinning plates so I picked that skill. We then practiced for the performance on Tuesday. We spent Wednesday morning practicing and the performance was the last class on Wednesday. Overall it was a great week.

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