Our second lot of our TY work experience took place between the 6th and 17th of February.  For this two-week placement, I decided to do it in the Eager Beavers Montessori in Monamlin.

Even though each day followed a similar routine everyday was different. The work day started at 8:45am as we had to set up for circle time before the children arrived. The day changed depending on what was put out on the tables that day for the children to play with, what mood the children were in and the weather as it determined the amount of time the children would get to play in the outdoor play area.

Some days the children would be doing arts and crafts at the tables. For Valentine’s day, I was helping the children to make bracelets and to make Valentine’s day cards. Other days play dough or puzzles were put out on the tables for them to play with and I supervised and assisted when needed.

The lunches were given out after this each day two of the children would be picked to hand out the lunches each day. I would go around and open bottles of water, cheese strings, fruit winder, frubes and yogurts. The children then would all pick books and ask me to read them to them and sit around and listen. They were then instructed to get their coats and to line up to go outside if the weather allowed it. I then helped to put their coats on as many of them could not zip up their own coats. I would then go outside with the children and watch and play with them until their parents arrived to collect them at 12 o’clock.

After all the children had been collected the tables and chairs had to be wiped down and the floors hoovered and mopped. I really enjoyed working with children every day was different even though it was often the same things being done. I enjoyed it a lot more the I thought I would have and ca definitely see myself doing something like this in the future.

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