We left Kilmuckridge on the 26th March at 2am in the morning and travelled by bus to Dublin Airport where we passed security and then checked in our bags. We boarded our Ryanair flight at 6am ready for Munich.

We landed in Munich airport at 8.30am approximately. This airport was massive compared to Dublin Airport. We had to get a bus from the plane to the arrivals section, where we picked up our bags and went through security again. We boarded another bus which brought us to our hostel where we were staying for 3 days. The hostel was at least 1 and half hour away from the airport. We left our bags in the hostel and walked to the train station, where we had to take two trains to arrive at the centre of Munich The Marienplatez. There we split up into our own groups and we got some food. Then we took two trains back to the hostel where we boarded a bus to take us to The Allianz Arena.

At the Allianz Arena we got a guided tour around the stadium, explaining its history. This tour took about 1 hour. I enjoyed this because I follow Bayern Munich. We got to see the locker rooms, the pitch, press conference room, we got to see the tunnel that the teams walk out from to the pitch. From the Arena we took trains to the Marienplatez again where we got a two hour guided tour around the area. We saw The Hofbrӓuhaus the most famous pub in Munich, there was an opera house, and a mansion where a King stayed. After that we returned to the hostel where we stayed for the night.

The morning of the second day we got our breakfast at the hostel. We boarded the bus and went to the Dachau Concentration Camp, here we got a very good guided tour which gave us an insight of how the prisoners lived there. It was an emotional tour. Next we went to the Olympic Stadium where we got a guided tour of the grounds. We learned the history of the Olympic Stadium. After that we went to the Olympic Tower, we went up approximately 184 floors high by elevator to the top where we saw all of Munich, this was a spectacular view it was cold but worth it. We went to the BMW museum, looked at the cars, Rolls Royce, Audi, new high tech BMW cars, the building itself was fantastic, it was in a shape of an engine. After this tour we went back to the hostel to have our dinner and bed.

On the third day we went to the Neuschwanstein Castle. This Castle was on top of the Bavarian Alps, we had a thirty minute hike up to the castle. We got another guided tour bringing us around to five of the rooms. I felt disappointed with this tour because there were so many rooms but we only got to see five of them. This tour took up the whole day. We arrived back to the hostel for dinner and the rest of the evening we spent at leisure.

Our last day in Munich was spent as a ‘chill out’ day. We went bowling in the morning and afterwards we went back to the Marienplatez to do some shopping and eating. After all that we went back to the hostel, got our bags, went to the airport and went home. To summarize it all I had a fantastic experience and would love to go back again. Thank you to the organisers. Thank you for reading this.

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