TY Christmas Trip

On Saturday 19th December Transition Year and LCA students travelled to Dunedin Shopping Centre for our Christmas trip. First of all we went ice skating on Dundrum on ice and then shopped afterwards. The trip was to celebrate all our hard work on our projects and in classes in the past term. The profit that the TY stalls made in the Christmas Market was used to fund the trip.

We departed the school at approximately 9:30am on Friday morning, all excited for ice skating and shopping. The journey lasted around an hour and three quarters, not too long and we arrived at around 11:15am. We had forty five minutes before we started skating so most of us went for food or made a start on our shopping.

We started ice skating at twelve o’clock and to begin with, were all unsteady on the ice. There was plenty of falling and holding onto the barriers. After a while on the ice most people were able to skate successfully, although some were still stumbling around the place. Many of us held onto each other, hoping neither lost balance. We all had great fun even though many falls occurred. On e of the best parts was probably watching everyone stumbling around on the ice.

We finished up at ice skating at around one and proceeded to shop for the next two and a half hours. Most of us treated ourselves and got all our Christmas presents sorted.

We left Dublin at half 3, all exhausted from the day. Thankfully we lost no one in the process. We arrived back at Kilmuckridge just before half five after a long, fun and well deserved trip to Dublin.

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