Tin Pot Radio Production
On Monday the 17th of September. My Ty group 4A we went to down to room 7 to meet Frank from Tin Pot Radio Production. When we got there Frank explained what we were going to be doing like we were going to make an advertisement and a live link, and he told us a bit about himself and what he did like he did the Tin Pot Radio and he went around to schools and that he has been the social media industry. The first thing we did was we talked about radio and what different thinks that make up radio. He told us that he does not do any advertising anything or ever do it in any school. After little break we listened to some advertisements and one we listen to was about Lexis hybrid cars and the person in the advertisement was talking out the car and half was through it the person had switched and near the end of it the person said you did not even know the they switched and that is how you will not even know that the car has switched and when it was done we talked about we were very impressed about how some came up with something like that.

After we got into groups and stared to talk about what we were going to be advertising and it would have to last 30 seconds once we had done that. We timed ourselves then Ian came with the Boogie Bus. Then we started to write our live link. Frank showed us some videos on live links and how they worked and ours had to be 60 seconds long you had to pick something to talk about it is kind of like an interview. So after lunch we back to the classroom and Ian come down and took 3 groups the Boogie Bus to record their advertisement and live link they were gone for about 30-40 minutes while they were gone we kept working out live link and advertisement and timing ourselves to make sure we would not go over the time we had and who was going to say what. When the other groups came back we went and to the Boogie Bus and the inside was really cool the was coaches and a booth down the back we were the first group to record when we went in we had to ware head phones so we could hear ourselves when we were in there they videoed us and the people outside the booth could see and hear you we did it the first time and made a few mistakes but when we go the hang of it was really fun to do and when we got back to the classroom we watched some of the videos of the groups and they were really good and some were really funny. I would recommend everyone to try it out as it was very good fun.
By Rebecca Moran

Category: Transition Year