My name is Shauna Murphy and I’m a Transition Year student in Coláiste An Átha. The Transition Year program here is full of amazing opportunities such as the module system where students are given the chance to participate in activities on a Tuesday afternoon. These activities include gardening, drama, photography and cycling. We get the chance to do all of these throughout the year. I chose to do photography first. So far, we have had three lessons so far.  

          In the first lesson, Mary Atkins, the photographer who came into the school to teach us about photography, showed us some techniques to try and get the best photos on phones and cameras and about the equipment that she has and how they’re used. As a part of this module we have an exhibition during arts week in the school to raise suicide awareness. We decided to raise awareness by taking photos and putting down posters we made with a quote or symbols or signs that resemble suicide awareness. We took these photos to show that suicide can happen anywhere, anytime.  

         On the second day we walked around Kilmuckridge to get the perfect photo. We took a lot of photos but my favourite one is the one against the mural of a beach because it has all of the posters there and it shows suicide is happening everywhere. On that day we realized that photography is much harder than it seems and it’s very difficult to get the perfect photo.  

          We still have a few more photos left with Mary and the entire group is looking forward to seeing how the exhibition during our very first Arts Week will turn out when everything is done. 

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