LGBTI Colour Day 2019
On the 2nd of April 2019 Colaiste an Atha’s held their first LGBTI awareness day. This day was held by Sophie Rossiter, Lorna Dwyer and Edel Kehoe during Wellbeing Week 2019. 

We decided we wanted to hold this day after our LGBTI talk given by David Clarke from FDYS Ireland. David took both TY classes for a three session talk to make us aware of our LGBTI surroundings and the different stages of becoming part of the LGBTI Community. In this talk we learned about the daily struggles of people in the LGBTI Community before coming out, the stages of coming out and how we can be more supportive and a part of the LGBTI Community. David made rainbow bands with every student who had this talk in order to show our support.

David Clarke inspired us to hold a LGBTI Awareness day in our school. Lorna, Edel and I got permission from our principal and teachers to hold this day. On this day we wanted all students to be allowed to wear their own colourful clothes and for each student to get a rainbow band from TY students to show support. After we got permission we purchased wool to make 320 rainbow bands, designed posters about LGBTI awareness and posters telling students about Colour Day.

During class time we were given Lorna, Edel and I made the posters and stuck them up around the school, made announcements in each class about Colour Day and got a group of TY students to make all the 320 rainbow bands.

On Wednesday the 2nd of April every student and staff member wore in their own bright and colourful clothes and each got a rainbow band that we had made. There was no money collected on this day as it was ran to show support for the LGBTI Community. Posters were all around the school on this day and photos were taken of students.

This day really showed me how supportive the students and staff of the school are, everyone participated in this day and showed support for the LGBTI Community and everyone involved in the LGBTI Community. Our school now shows loads of support for the LGBTI Community after holding this day. All posters made about the LGBTI Community to show support are staying up around the school on the notice boards and wall to show our continued support.

Overall this day was a very successful and well organised day, it really gave a message to all students and staff. I really enjoyed working on this day and the three session talk by David Clarke, I am sure all students are more aware of the LGBTI Community now and are all more supportive.


Category: Transition Year , Well Being