TY Aquatics

On both the 13th and the 20th of January all TY students had the opportunity to do aquatics with the school in the Waterfront Enniscorthy The amount of students that came to the second lesson increased a lot since the first.
We all traveled to the Waterfront on a bus leaving school just before break and arriving home at the end of lunch.
In the first lesson we spent 30 minutes in the pool working with instructors. The class was divided in to two groups one in which could swim and the others that where non swimmers.
The group of swimmers swam length and enjoyed a game of water polo . The group of non swimmers worked on different arm and leg techniques and swam half the length of the pool with the help of floats. At the end of the lesson the groups where aloud come together and enjoy some time in the steam room and Sauna.
In the second lesson we where divided in to two groups again, the swimmers did lengths and the non swimmers worked on swimming with floats until near the end when Margaret the instructor challenged us to try swim without the float. The swimmers and non swimmers came together and we all took part in a game of water polo which was extremely fun. After our game we where then aloud into the steam room and sauna again.
Aquatics was an amazing experience and I look forward to doing it again.

Category: Transition Year