On Tuesday the twenty sixth of April two thousand and nineteen, there was a driving day hosted in the school for Transition Year students of Colaisté an Átha, run by three people, two were running the practical and one was running the theory.
The Transition Year students were split up in to classes Four A and Four B, Four A started with the practical while Four B started with the theory.
The practical was taking place outside at the back of the school building while the theory was taking place in the computer room which is on the corridor on the right second door on the right coming from the main entrance of the school
The practical class was divided into three groups each doing something else either: putting on a tire and simple mechanics, attempting to go in between cones with beer goggles and driving.
The first instructor showed us how to put a tire on the Toyota and then everyone in that group took turns to put the tire on the Toyota, then the instructor showed the students where the battery is and gave tips on jump starting a car and then the instructor showed us where the coolant, wiper fluid, brake fluid, engine oil and dipstick are, and how to read it.
The students put on beer goggles, which made them see as if they were drunk and they had to attempt to swerve in between cones by taking turns, then the students had to try to kick a ball in between the cones, both were proven to be quite difficult for the students.
The second instructor gave each student driving lessons around the school grounds inside a Ford, each student took turns driving while the other students were sitting in the back seats, many times there was sudden braking and hitting the curb from many of the students.
The classes Four A and Four B swapped over half way through the day.
The students were doing a couple example theory driving tests, each with forty question in them requiring thirty five to pass the driving theory test.
The students were doing a hazard perception test testing how fast the student can react to a hazard on the road by clicking anywhere at the right time, first the students went in blindly and later seen where the ideal time to click is and give it another attempt.
Then the students had to look up a car and try to insure it under a total of six thousand Euros.
Written by Thomas Roche.

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