A Scenic Cycling Trip

        On Thursday the 7th of September the rest of my transition year and I set out to ‘The Waterford Greenway’ where we would begin our 46 kilometre cycle all the way to Dungarvan. I believe that this trip was a great idea as it shows us how exercise can be fun and I loved how we were able to complete the cycle together without anybody racing ahead or anybody being left behind.

         It was an early start on Thursday as we left the school gates at roughly 8:30 am. As soon as we arrived in Waterford we were given both our helmets and bikes so we could set off on our journey through the beautiful track. We were told not to go any further than Ms. Maguire and another teacher stayed with the last person. We took a small break after completing around 10km and as soon as we were able to get our breath back we began cycling again. We also took another break at a place called Kilmeadan, here we ate our packed lunches and let our feet rest. Luckily we then had the choice to either complete the entire 46km or to stop at 29km. This was good as it allowed some people that were finding it difficult to finish up faster. At this stage we all hopped back onto our bus and headed home with pride.

         As well as the exercise element it was also a great way to relieve ourselves from any stress or worries as the trail is very peaceful and scenic. The Greenway is situated in a very remote part of Waterford where busy traffic and noisy towns are nowhere to be seen for the most part of the route. The weather also made for the incredible day as it was not too hot or too cold.

         All in all, it was a great day out and I can say that it is something that I would like to do again in the future.

Category: Transition Year