What is One Book, One Community?

One Book, One Community is a family reading project which promotes and encourages reading while also improving literacy. The aim of this successful project is to have parents/guardians reading the book as well as their children.
This initiative will be introduced to all first year students Monday 11th March. Parents/Guardians will also be made aware of the initiative.
I hope to make contact with each first year household to introduce them to the project.
I hope to meet with each first year group to also explain to them what the project entails and to give them their pack containing a copy of the chosen novel, worksheets, activities etc.
I hope to speak to class tutors about also becoming involved in the reading of the book.
I hope to speak with other teachers to stretch this initiative to cross-curricular. Example- art where the students could do some poster/collage work; metalwork where the students could make ‘dog tags’ etc.

Ms. Browne – HSCL Officer

You can read more about the One Book One Community Inititative under the Curriculum tab – Subjects – English

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