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Coláiste an Átha held their annual Awards Day on Thursday 24th of May. It was an exciting afternoon for everyone involved. Guests on the day included, Mr Séamus Redmond, former Principal, Ms Mary Enright, former Deputy Principal, local national school Principals and Teachers, local clergy, Cllr Michael Kinsella, Chairperson to the Board of Management and Cllr Oliver Walsh, Chairperson of Wexford Co. Co. and representatives from Bank of Ireland who kindly sponsored this years Art Awards. There were many categories under which students received awards including; Art, Meitheal, Class Students, Subjects, Attendance, Best Junior Cert Practical Project and Sports. The overall sports awards winner was Brian O’ Connor, 3rd Year. This years Art Award, sponsored by BOI was Joshua Hogan, Best Junior Cert Practical Project was Shauna Lawless who received a magnificent handmade trophy by our Woodwork Teacher Mr. Wheelock. The School Spirit Award was awarded to Johnathan Earle whose contribution to the school community was recognised by Students and Staff. The Student of the Year award recipient was Niamh Hammel, who was worked tremendously hard during her 5 years in the school. Well done to everyone involved and to Ms J. McGonigle and Ms. N Purcell who organised the afternnon.

 Awards DayResults

1st Year

Name                           Class         Subject             

Ailish O’Connor        1A              English              

Darragh Hammel     1B              English              

Jordan Redmond     1C              English              

Paul Teal                   1A               Irish                   

Clair D’arcy                1B              Irish                   

Melissa Redmond   1C              Irish                   

 Kellie Doyle               1A              Maths               

Jack Joel                     1B              Maths               

Conor Nolan             1C               Maths               

 Andrew Greenslade 1A             French              

David Redmond       1B              French              

Niamh Newens         1C            French                

 Fionnuala Smith      1A              Science             

Darragh Hammel     1B              Science             

Melissa Redmond   1C              Science             

Amy Cowan               1A              Computers      

David Redmond       1B              Computers      

Jamie Helly                1C              Computers      

Ross McGrane          1C              History              

 Shauna Smith           1A              Geography      

Jack Joel                     1B              Geography      

Jordan Redmond     1C              Geography      

 Conor Nolan             1C     Bus. Studies             

Fionnuala Smith       1A    Art                               

Callum Gahan           1B     Woodwork               

Gavin Morris             1A    Tech Graphics          

 Paul Teal                    1A     Metalwork               

Amy Cowen               1st Year     Home Econ     

Ian Mallin                   1A              Religion            

Luke White                1B              Religion            

Teejay Duffy              1C              Religion            

Aaron Hart Hughes 1A              SPHE                  

James Costello         1B              SPHE                  

Niamh Newens        1C              SPHE                  

Kelllie Doyle              1A              CSPE                             

James Costello           1B              CSPE                  

Davin Kehoe             1C              CSPE                            

 Jake O’Brien            1A              PE                       

Seamus Stafford      1B              PE                       

Conor Nolan             1C              PE                       

 Cliona O’Leary          1A              Music                

 2nd Year

Name                           Class         Subject             

Lisa Murphy              2A              English                       

Aaron Farrell             2B              English                       

Lisa Murphy              2A              Irish                             

Jason Morgan           2A              Irish                             

Andrew Redmond   2A              Maths                         

Rebecca Justice        2A              Maths                         

Jason Morgan           2A              French                        

Rebecca Hayden      2B              French                        

Jackson McQuade   2A              Science                       

Stephen Sutton        2A              Science                       

Mark Whittaker       2B              Science                       

Andrew Bolger         2B              History                       

Tara Doyle                 2A              Geography                

Pamela Walsh           2B              Geography                

Andrew Redmond   2A              Bus Studies               

Megan Gibson          2A              Art                               

Mary Jo Owens        2B              Woodwork                

Stephen Sutton        2A              Tech Graphics         

Paul Dowling             2A              Metalwork                

Diane Kehoe             2A              Home Econ               

Kelly Rossiter            2A              Religion                     

Pamela Walsh           2B              Religion                     

Rebecca Justice        2A              SPHE                           

Jade Curry                  2B              SPHE                            

Jackson McQuade   2A              CSPE                                     

Adam Masterson     2B              CSPE                                     

Tara Doyle                 2A              PE                                 

Pamela Walsh           2B              PE                                 

Diane Kehoe             2A              Music                          

 3rd Year Awards

 Erica Whittaker                   3B                               English                                  

David Doran                          3B                               English                                  

Carly Colton Perry             3B                               Irish                                       

Leanne Kehoe                     3A                               Irish                                       

Kaelin Smith                         3A                               Maths                                   

Kate Collins                          3A                               Maths                                   

Conor Meleady                   3A                               French                                  

Conor Meleady                   3A                               Science                                 

Katie Doyle                           3B                               Science                                 

Kaelin Smith                         3A                               History                                 

Rachael Moloney               3A                               Geography                          

Shauna Lawless                  3B                               Geography                          

Brian O’Connor                  3A                               Business                               

Megan Furlong                   3B                               Art                                         

Daragh Cahill                       3B                               Woodwork                         

Shauna Lawless                  3B                               JC Project                            

Chloe Breen Kavan            3A                               Tech Graphic                      

Daragh Cahill                       3A                               Metalwork                          

Shauna Lawless                  3B                               Home Ec                              

Roisin O’Connor                 3A                               Religion                                

Katie Doyle                           3B                               Religion                                

Dearbhla Hammel              3A                               SPHE                                     

Leigha Ellis                            3B                               SPHE                                     

Roisin O’Connor                 3A                               CSPE                                      

Kaelin Smith                         3B                               CSPE                                      

Lee Murphy                         3A                               PE                                          

Lewis Cummins                   3B                               PE                                          

 5th  Year

Name                           Class         Subject                       

Dennis Redmond     5C              English                                 

Lisa Fortune              5B               English                                 

Dylan Gainda            5C              English Commun              

Alison Spalling         5C              Irish                                       

Christina Furlong      5C             Irish                                       

Lisa Fortune              5A              Maths                                       

Kelly Greenwood     5B              Maths                                        

Johanna Walsh        5C              Maths                                  

Kimberley Murray   5A              Maths                                  

Stephaine Ronan     5C              French                                  

Jack Fry                       5C              Spanish                                

Kimberley Murray   5A              Spanish                                     

Aoife Manning            5C              Biology                                

Ciaran Redmond     5C               Ag Science                          

Grace Hamilton        5A              Ag/Hort                               

Kimberley Murray   5A             ICT                                         

Sonya Dempsey       5B              Computers                         

Sean O’Connor         5C              Computors                         

Ciaran Redmond     5C              Geography                         

John Farrell               5B              Business                              

Kelly Greenwood     5C              LCVP                                     

Shannon Johnson   5B              LCVP                                     

Grace Hamilton        5A              VPG                                       

Ryan Greenslade     5B              Art                                         

Victoria Burke           5A              Craft and Design               

 Victoria Burke          5A              Activie Leis Studies          

Christine Doyle        5A              Leis & Rec                           

Dylan Kearns             5B              Design&Comm.G             

Adrian Porter            5B              Engineering                        

Joanna Walsh           5C              Home Econ.                       

Christine Doyle        5A              HC&T                                    

Patrica Tate               5A              Religion                               

Shannon Johnson   5B              Religion                               

Gavin McAssey         5C              Religion                               

Dylan Gainda            5A              Social ED                                       

Tina Dempsey           5A              Drama                                  

Darren Morris           5C              Construction ST                

Adrian Porter            5B              PE                                          

Darren Morris           5C              PE                                            


6th  Year

Name                           Class         Subject                       

Anna O’Brienn          6B              English                                 

Eoghan O’Reilly       6A              Eng Comm                          

William Fitzgerald    6A             Irish                                       

Niamh Hammel        6B              Irish                                       

Paul Good                  6B              Irish                                       

Diarmuid Sinnott     6B              Maths                                  

Paddy Murphy         6B              Maths                                  

Dean McGovern      6A              Maths                                  

Karla Byrne               6B              French                                  

Anna O’Brien            6B              Biology                                 

Danny Philips            6A              Ag/Hort                               

Gary Murphy            6B              Geog                                       

Lewis Murphy           6A              Social Ed                             

Stephen McHugh    6B              History                                 

Ryan Gleeson            6B              Business                              

Aishling Smith          6B               Art                                         

Gary Murphy             6B             Engineering                        

Lewis Murphy           6A             Engineering                        

Danielle Shiel           6B             DCG                                      

Ciara Manning          6B              Home Econ                         

Leigh Ann Gahan      6A             Religion                               

Stephen Byren           6B             Religion                               

Paddy Murphy          6B             LCVP                                    

Alex Murphy             6A              Active Leis                          

Eoghan O’Reilly       6A              Leis & Rec                                

Meggan O’Reilly          6B              PE                                          

LeighAnn Gahan      6A              VPG                                                  

William Fitzgerald   6A              ICT                                         

Dean McGovern      6A              Drama                                  

James Rossiter         6A              HCT                                       

 Student of The Year Award 2012 = Niamh Hammel

School Spirit Award 2012 = Jonathan Earle

Well Done Everyone!!