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Congratulations to all the 2nd years students whose work this year has resulted in the amazing mural that can now be seen outside the language room. The mural came about after Ms. McGonigle suggested it would make for a good JCSP art project. Ms. O’ Callaghan applied and was successful in receiving a grant to support the work. Students were given a brief to design one mural each based on languages. The results were amazing not only showing student’s artistic skill but also demonstrating the student’s comprehension of the brief. The 2nd years also benefited from a workshop with visiting artist Orla Bates who taught them lino cutting. All the work was assembled and displayed in the ‘make-a-book’ exhibition in Dublin. Then, the mural. A committee made up of Ms Deacon, Ms. O’ Connor, Ms O’ Callaghan and student representatives from 5th and 2nd year student council got together and reviewed the work of the second years and work from the 5th and 6th years. Together they chose the best images for the mural and these were assembled to create the final mural design. The weather was not in our favour but when the sun shone work started at a rapid pace. In three days flat the second years with the help and guidance of 5 fifth year students created an amazing piece of art work. Not everything made it to the wall from the design but we think you will agree, it looks fantastic. Our thanks to 5th year students CiarĂ¡n Davies, Michael Gahan, Ryan Greenslade, Aoife Manning, Gary Dowling and Josh Hogan for their contribution to painting the mural, 2nd years for their hard work this year and amazing contribution to the art department. Donal for all his patience and help in preparing the wall. Ms. Martin, Ms. O’ Connor and all the staff for allowing students the opportunity to do this project and in particular Ms Deacon who has been extremely understanding, supportive and helpful throughout the entire process. Well done everyone and cannot wait for next year.

Ms O’ Callaghan.