Coláiste an Átha
Policy on Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices

Coláiste an Átha recognises the safety and the convenience of mobile phones and electronic devices, but it must also maintain an orderly classroom and school environment that is conducive to learning.  Therefore the following rules apply to the use of mobile phones and/or electronic devices:

Mobile phones and electronic devices may only be used at the following times:

  • Before 8.45 a.m. on Monday and before 9.05 a.m. Tuesday to Friday
  • During morning break and at lunchtime.
  • After school hours.

During class time and evening study, mobile phones and electronic devices must be switched off.
Mobile phones are not allowed in examination centres.

Sanctions for breaking these rules:

First offence:             Confiscation and return at end of the next school day.
Second offence:         Confiscation for a period of seven days.
Third offence:           A parent / guardian must collect mobile phone from school after  period of 7 days.


Coláiste on Átha acknowledges that mobile phones and electronic devices today have, as standard, photographic, recording facilities and internet access.  The following rules apply to these mobile phones and electronic devices:–

  • That the mobile phone and/or electronic devices are only to be used for their primary function i.e. making a phone call or texting at the permitted times.
  • The mobile phone and/or electronic devices cannot be used to bring into the school photographs/video clips or voice recording of an offensive or obscene nature.
  • Please see Anti-Bullying Policy and Code of Behaviour and Acceptable Use Policies for information and sanctions for incidences involving the inappropriate use of mobile phones and /or electronic devices.

The Board of Management reserves the right to review and amend this policy in response to changing circumstances and situations.

This policy was reviewed in November 2012