Coláiste an Átha, Kilmuckridge:

Critical Incident Policy

Coláiste an Átha, Kilmuckridge, Co. Wexford aims to protect the well being of its students by providing a safe and nurturing environment at all times.

The college has taken a number of measures to create a coping, supportive and caring ethos in the school. The school has also formulated a number of policies and procedures to be followed with a view to ensuring the physical and psychological safety of both staff and students during the normal course of the school day and in the event of a critical incident.

 This policy was ratified by the Board of Management on 13th December 2011

It will be reviewed in 2013 or should the need arise before then.

 Such policies would include:

· Health and Safety Policy- Review 2011/2012

· Anti Bullying Policy- Review 2011/2012

· Meitheal Programme

· Code of Behaviour

· Whole School Guidance Policy.

· S.P.H.E Programme

Definition of Critical Incident:

Coláiste an Átha recognises a critical incident to be “an incident or sequence of events that overwhelms the normal coping mechanisms of the school, and disrupts the normal running of the school”. Critical incidents may involve students, staff, the school or the local community.

Examples of a critical incident might be;

  • The death of a member of the school community, through sudden death,

accident, suicide or terminal illness

  • A serious accident or tragedy in the school community
  • Serious damage to the school through fire, flooding vandalism etc.
  • The disappearance of a member of the school community
  • A physical attack on a staff member or student
  • Intrusion into the school.
  • This list is not exhaustive

Aim of Plan:

 The aim of the Critical Incident Plan is that in the event of such an incident as outlined above, the plan will help staff and management to react quickly and effectively and to maintain control of the situation. The plan will also help the school to return to normality as soon as possible and limit the affects of the incident on staff and students.


Principal:                                 Elizabeth Martin

Deputy Principal:                    Rachel O’Connor

Guidance Counsellor:             Jackie Whelan 

HSCL:                                     Martina Prendergast 087-6576946 

NBSS:                                     Diarmuid O’Hanlon  

NEPS:                                     Anna Marie Cullen 053-9156150

Plus Class Tutor:

Class Tutor 1A                                    Ms. T. O’Callaghan 

Class Tutor 1B                                    Ms. E. Fitzpatrick 

Class Tutor 1C                                    Ms. G. Casey 

Class Tutor 2A                                    Mr. P. Doran 

Class Tutor 2B                                    Anne Marie McCormack 

Class Tutor 3A                                    Mr. J. Redmond 

Class Tutor 3B                                    Ms. N. Purcell 

Class Tutor 5A                                    A. Wheelock

Class Tutor 5B                                    D. O’Hanlon 

Class Tutor 5C                                    Ms. P. Deacon 

Class Tutor 6A                                    Mr. R. Furlong 

Class Tutor 6B                                    Ms. C. O’Shea   

The Principal will act as Team Leader or in his absence the Deputy Principal.

 Role of Team Leader:

· The team leader alerts team members to the crisis and convenes a

meeting of the team

· Co-ordinates/delegates tasks of the other team members.

· Liaises with The Board of Management and the Department of Education

and Science

· In case of bereavement, liaises with the bereaved family

 Other areas of responsibilities, which may be delegated by the team Leader to

other members of the team would include:

 Contacting Emergency support services

· Briefing and advising the staff and noting their feelings and concerns.

· Organising the supervision of students in the school

· Keeping staff updated on information/developments /progress

· Meeting students to brief them on the situation

· Taking care of “Vulnerable students/vulnerable teachers”

· Liaising with external agencies for support or referrals

· Liaising with school organisations such as Parents’ Council &

Students’ Council.

· Meeting with individual parents or groups of parents.

· Visiting bereaved families or families closely associated with the incident

· Preparing a press release and liaising with the media.

· Preparation of an “Incident Room”

 Record Keeping:

All team members will keep written records of phone calls, letters, meeting

interventions etc.


The school is conscious of its responsibility to protect the privacy and good name

of people involved in any incident and will be sensitive to the consequences of

any public statements.



Gardaí  0539242580 – Enniscorthy
Ambulance 999
Hospital 0539142233
Fire Brigade 999
DES 0906442700
NEPS Psychologist 0539156150