The transition from junior cycle to senior cycle is one which may take students by surprise. There’s a change in timetable, routine, teachers, work rate, classes and subjects. One subject some students may take on is the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme or LCVP. LCVP teaches students skills they can put in to practice in the real world, skills involved in job seeking and employment for example. Part of the LCVP course requires students to run their own mini-business.

This LCVP enterprise gives students a  small taste of what it’s like to run their own business.  Brendan Manning, Paul Teal and Andrew Greenslade from 5B’s LCVP class ran a cinema and shop over two days as their enterprise. They showed the movie “Get Smart” over two lunchtimes and sold food and drinks to those who bought the tickets to see the film also. They decided to do this enterprise as a group as they felt it was something that would attract many customers and was a good chance to learn about business.

 5B LCVP students Ailish O Connor, Jake O Brien, and Tara O Toole are selling customised jerseys in school colours. This shows the wide range of markets enterprises in LCVP can cover and the creativity and originality of the students.

Other students sold homemade Christmas decorations before the Christmas break, and every group working on a completely different enterprise.

Overall it proved to be a very worthwhile experience.

Shane Murphy.

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