From our miserable defeat against Patricians secondary school last year in the South-Leinster final. With Ms Browne and Ms Gordan’s dedication to the team organising experienced trainers such as JJ Doyle, Kevin Kennedy and Keith Ross, we trained as hard as we could every Tuesday and Thursday. After winning all our matches throughout the year we felt as though we had a chance to return to a south-leinster final and win it this time.

We were due to play Tullow on Friday the 23rd of January, when we arrived at the pitch the conditions were perfect and the whole team were eager to go out and bring back the title for the school. In the dressing room everyone’s nerves were kicking in. After being greeted by a load of supporters when we walked onto the pitch everyone’s spirit were lifted.

When the first half kicked off, we gained the lead by Daryl Gray putting over some well-earned frees. We battled hard in the first half and it seemed to pay off with Liam Walsh scoring two magnificent goals. We went into the second half in the lead but we knew that Tullow weren’t going to let us walk away with it. We all knew that they had fight still left in them. Tullow came back with some good scores in the second half but we weren’t going to let them get back into the game. Our well-earned man of the match ‘Jordan Goff’ fought hard in centre forward making some great runs and put us further in the lead with great scores. When the full-time whistle went no one could believe that we had won the match. We were all shocked and over-whelmed as we hadn’t had great luck in previous years. The final score of the match was 3-7 to 1-3.

After receiving the plaque we arrived back at the school with great atmosphere on the bus on the way down. When we got to the school, the front of the school was lined with both teachers and students cheering us along. It was a feeling to remember and it was a proud day for both the school and the whole team

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